Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Model SG6548
Indicating Pressure Switch

Model SG6548The Model SG6548 Indicating Pressure Switch is designed to provide economical pressure monitoring with set-point indication of high purity, toxic and corrosive gases. In addition to providing accurate indication of gas pressure, this 2 inch diameter instrument incorporates a magnetically actuated, hermetically sealed reed switch capable of operating low voltage annunciators, lights or relays.

Moving the index on the front dial to the desired set point sets the switch. A small magnet fastened to the indicating pointer actuates the switch. A magnetic latch on the switch permits the switch to remain "on" or "off" after the pointer passes the operating point, without restraint on the indicating pointer. The switch action is configurable to close on increasing pressure or close on decreasing pressure. The user can change the switch action by removing the front bezel, loosening the pointer screw, and flipping the pointer over. The switch action is noted on the tail of the pointer.

Warning: We strongly recommend the use of our Explosion-Proof Type Pressure Switch Model SG6541 for all flammable and oxygen applications.

Dial Size: 2" diameter

Gauge Pressure Range

Adjustable Set-Point

Maximum Temperature: 105°C

Internal Surface: Type 316L Stn. Stl.

Case: 300 Series Polished Stainless Steel

Ring and Window: Polycarbonate window
  permanently retained in stainless steel ring
   fastened to case with 2 screws

Movement: 300 Series Stainless Steel

Dial: Electrically insulated laminate, white
   background, black markings;270° arc of graduations

Bourdon Tube: Type 316L Seamless
  Stainless Steel, TIG welded

Connection: Type 316L Stainless Steel
  1/4" NPT; low mount

Connection: 26 AWG, PTFE insulated,
  10' leads; (2 black wires)
Maximum Power: 10 watts DC, 12 VA AC
Maximum Switching Current:
  0.5 amps AC/DC noninductive
Maximum Switch Voltage: 28 V AC/DC
Indication Accuracy: ±2% FS between
   10% & 70% FS, ±3% FS elsewhere. Pointer will
   jump slightly about the set-point due to magnetic
Switch Point Accuracy: Switch will operate when
   pressure is within ±2%span of set-point.
Switching Differential: 4% of full scale (typically)
Switch Operation: End user configurable; closes on
   increasing pressure and opens on decreasing
   pressure,or closes on decreasing pressure and
   opens on increasing pressure

Bezel Clamp Screw

Table I

Part No. Gauge Pressure Adjustable Set-Point (psig)
Range (psig) Minimum Maximum
SG6548-200 0–200 10 160
SG6548-600 0–600 30 480
SG6548-3000 0–3000 150 2400