Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Models SG6551A, SG6552
Single Station, One & Two Point Annunciators

Model SG6552 AnnunciatorModels SG6551A and SG6552 are general service single station annunciators housed in wall mountable thermoplastic enclosures intended for indoor use only. They are typically used with regulator, cylinder manifold or changeover systems in combination with pressure switches to alert the user of product depletion. The annunciators can be configured to operate with either normally opened or normally closed pressure switch contacts.

Model SG6551A is a single point annunciator designed to work with a cylinder regulator or manifold system configured with one pressure switch. Model SG6552 is a two-point annunciator that provides operating status for both left and right banks when installed with a changeover incorporating two pressure switches.

Model SG6551A AnnunicatorThe annunciators provide both an audible alarm and visual indication of pressure switch activation. When cylinder pressure is depleted to a user-selectable predetermined level, the contacts on a pressure switch activate the audible alarm and the red alarm lamp corresponding to the empty bank (pressure switch) illuminates. A reset button located on the front panel silences the audible alarm, while the red alarm lamp remains lit until the gas supply is re-pressurized and the pressure switch returns to the reset position. A green lamp confirms that power ison and the supply pressure is adequate for normal operation.

Both models contain a set of relay contacts for use to control a device that can be activated by a normally open or closed switch such as a telephone dialer, external buzzer, light or another alarm monitoring system. Connections to the annunciator are made through circular male input and output connectors. A 3-foot long input cable is supplied with the annunciator when purchased with an ASGE pressure control system for local connection. A 3 foot long input cable with flying lead ends is supplied when purchased separate or when installed for remote connection with customer supplied cabling. 

Standard Features
  • Operates with either normally opened or closed pressure switch contacts.
  • High profile audible alarm alerts user of pressure switch activation
  • Reset button silences audible alarm
  • One dry contact relay output for use with external monitoring devices
  • Hi-Impact light weight ABS plastic housing
  • Furnished with UL Listed 120 VAC Class 2 Transformer
  • 3' input cable provided with each annunciator

Power Requirements: 15 VDC @ 800 ma.
  (supplied with 120 VAC wall transformer)

Audible Alarm (Sound Output): 80–95 db

Flammability Rating: UL 94 HB

Power Cord Length: 10 ft.

Enclosure: ABS plastic ­ Almond Color

  Input Connector: 6-pin male circular
  Relay Output Connector: 4-pin male circular
  Input Cable*: 3' long with flying leads

Relay Contact: Single pole, double throw (SPDT)

Relay Contact Rating: 1A @ 24 VDC

Dimensions (approx. overall): 31/4" x 6" x 1 3/4"

Weight (approx.): 1/2lb.

Relay Cable Cord Connector (supplied):
  4-pin female (requires soldering to customer
   supplied cables)

* Note: A 3' foot input cable with female cable
connections on both ends is supplied when purchased with an Advanced pressure control system for local connection.

Optional Equipment
Equipment Part No.
10' interconnecting input cable with
   6-pin connectors for use with factory
   wired regulator and changeover
10' interconnecting input cable with
   6-pin female connector and flying
   lead ends for use with customer
   supplied cabling
3' interconnecting relay cable with
   4-pin female connector and flying
   lead ends for use with customer
   supplied cabling

Table I

Part No. Description
SG6551A One Point Annunciator
SG6552 Two Point Annunciator