Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Model SG6500
Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Gas Heaters

SG6500 HeaterThe Model SG6500 Gas Heater is designed for use with either carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide to prevent regulator freeze-up under high flow conditions. Installed between the cylinder valve and a suitable regulator, the heater warms the gas stream allowing for flow rates up to 160 scfh without regulator freeze-up.

The gas heater is thermostatically controlled at 160°F to prevent overheating of the gas.The heating element, encased in a polymeric body, efficiently radiates heat to the gas stream. The outer jacket of the heater provides insulation to allow the operator to install or remove the heater under warm conditions. The Model SG6500 Heater may be used in conjunction with any regulator that is suitable for carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide use.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psig

Voltage: 110 VAC

Power: 120 watts, 1 amp

Maximum Flow Rate: 160 scfh (CO2)

Thermostat Setting: 160°F ±5°F

Power Cord Length: 5 1/2 feet with
   standard 3 prong plug

Inlet and Outlet Connections

Dimensions (approx.): 6 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 3/4"

Approximate Weight: 2 lbs.


Materials of Construction
Inlet and Outlet Connections: Brass
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas: Brass
Heater Block: Epoxy, Polymer


Table I
Part No. Gas Service Inlet Connection Outlet Connection
SG6500-320 Carbon Dioxide CGA 320 CGA 320 Adapter*
SG6500-326 Nitrous Oxide CGA 326 CGA 326 Adapter*
* Suitable for direct mounting of a pressure regulator with specified CGA.