Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Model SG6545
Acetylene Flash Arrestor

Model SG6545Designed for use with acetylene to prevent flashback into a cylinder, this flash arrestor will extinguish a flash or flame by dividing it into hundreds of tiny parts, which instantly cool and die out before reaching the cylinder. It can be used in any cylinder lead not exceeding 3/8" diameter with flow in either direction. The Model SG6545 Flash Arrestor is Underwriters Laboratories listed for acetylene use only.

Note: The flash arrestor must be replaced after a flash or when the pressure drop through the arrestor reaches 10 psi or greater. It cannot be cleaned or refilled.

Max. Operating Pressure: 250 psig at 70°F

Operating Temp. Range: -50°F to 200°F

Max. Flow Capacity: 40 scfh acetylene

Pressure Drop: 5 psi at 40 scfh flowrate

Connections: 1/4" NPTM by 1/4" NPTF
  (flow can be in either direction)

Dimensions: 1 1/2" OD x 3 5/8" Long

Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz.


Materials of Construction
Body and End Fittings: Brass
Internal Parts Exposed to Gas: Monel filter and fusible   powdered metal


Table I
Part No. Gas Service
SG6545 Acetylene