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SG6537, SG6547 Series
SG6537, SG6547 Series
Flashback Arrestors for Regulators and Point of Supply

The SG6537 and SG6547 Series Flashback Arrestors are designed to provide protection against flashback of fuel gas or oxygen. The SG6537 Series is constructed of brass and the SG6547 Series is constructed of Type 316L Stainless Steel. These arrestors are compact in design and provide the following safety elements when used in a delivery system: 100 micron filtration, reverse flow check valve, flame barrier and thermal cut-off valve.

The SG6537 and SG6547 Series arrestors are commonly installed downstream of regulators and on supply lines. They are listed by Underwriter Laboratories to U/L 23Y5and can be used to help meet ANSI Z49.1.1999, OSHA and NFPA safety requirements.

Standard Features
  • 100 Micron Stainless Steel Inlet Filter helps prevent contaminants from blocking check valve and provides extended service life.
  • Check Valve prevents hazardous back flow of gas into regulator or supply line.
  • Flame Barrier extinguishes flash back within housing and prevents flame from reaching gas supply.
  • Thermal Cut-Off Valve positively shuts off gas flow in the event of downstream fire reaching the arrestor.

Approvals/Specifications: ISO 5175,
  BS 6158, EN 730 (BAM/DIN), AS 4603

Maximum Service Pressure: 285 psig
  For U/L 23Y5 Std. Limits

Operating Temp Range: -20° to 140°F

Flow Capacity

Inlet Connection: 1/4" NPT female

Outlet Connection:
  SG6537: 1/4" NPT female
  SG6547: 1/4" NPT male

  SG6537: 7/8" Max OD x 3 5/8" long
  SG6547: 1 1/4" Max OD x 3 7/8" long

Approximate Weight:
   SG6537: 6 oz.
   SG6547: 12 oz.


Materials of Construction
Seat and Seals:
   SG6537 Series: Neoprene
   SG6547 Series: Viton® (other elastomers available    on special order)
Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas: Stainless Steel


Table I, Air Flow Capacity
Inlet Pressure Pressure Drop Air Flow (scfh)
(psig) (psig) SG6537 SG6547
10 5 130 250
20 10 250 500
30 15 400 750
50 22 660 1100
100 22 950 1700

Table II, Part Number and U/L 23Y5 Standard Pressure Limits

Part No. Body Material Gas Service Working
Pressure (psig)
SG6537-F Brass Acetylene 15
    Hydrogen 50
    LPG 50
SG6537-O Brass Oxygen 145
SG6547-F Type 316L SS Acetylene 15
    Hydrogen 50
    LPG 50
SG6547-O Type 316L SS Oxygen 145