Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

LGP Series
Modular, High Purity, Point-of-Use, Lab Gas Panel Systems

LGP Series 3-Section PanelThe LGP Series modular snap-in panels function as building blocks that allow customization of your gas distribution system. A user selected system consists of any combination of regulators, purifiers or outlets to meet specific laboratory requirements. System components are selected, built and cleaned to maintain the highest level of purity for all gases utilized. The modular design consisting of individual panel sections snapped into place on a tube chase, allows for wall or bench top installation. This provides unlimited flexibility while reducing overall component installation costs.

Panels are completely assembled and tested prior to shipment saving installation time and money. Each gas is labeled with the appropriate NFPA "hazard diamond", CAS registry number, UN and DOT classifications. The panels have a durable construction and finish with predrilled holes for convenient component assembly.

Features Panel Sections
Regulator Section Regulator Section consists of a ultra high purity pressure regulator, gauge, and optional purifier by-pass valve. High purity, all stainless steel flexible tubing allows for easy panel access for future upgrades or modifications. Outlet Section Outlet Section accommodates up to 4 outlets for same or multiple gases. Purifier Section Purifier Section
provides additional protection against contaminants. A variety of configurations are offered that include indicating moisture, hydrocarbon,oxygen and indicating oxygen traps.
Regulator panel attached to three section tube chase

All panels are pre-drilled to accommodate a variety of configurations. Laminate overlay is installed over pre-drilled holes to provide a quality appearance and easy access to ports for future expansion .Components are provided in both stainless steel and brass materials of construction.

Tube Chase
  • Panels are mounted on a prefabricated metal tube which functions as the back-bone of the LGP system.
  • Accommodates quick connect fasteners on all panels.
  • Provides a permanent location for inlet gas connections.
  • Inlet connections can be installed on any four sides of the tube chase.
  • Provides a stable mounting surface for all installations.
  • Installation costs are greatly reduced due to snap fit design and pre-assembled modules.
  • Budget preparation and laboratory planning are made easy due to modular/building block design. Future expansions can be planned in advance for budgetary purposes.
  • System allows for upgrades or modifications in a staged fashion.
  • Cost savings achieved by designing in anticipated needs. Plan for the future but purchase for today.

Part Number Key – Regulator Panel Section

Metal Parts Gas Code Number of Outlets Outlet
Pressure Gauge
P1- B Brass/Copper A Acetylene 1 One 1 Acetylene 1 Purifier Bypass**
  S Stainless Steel C Corrosive 2 Two 2 0-60 psig/bar 2 1/8" Outlet
    N Non-Corrosive   3 0-100 psig/bar 3 Bottom Outlet
        4 0-160 psig/bar 4 Top Outlet
        5 0-200 psig/bar 5 No Valve
        6 0-400 psig/bar  
* Standard outlet is 1/4" and located in front of panel
** Must be used with a Purifier Section P2-XNXX1

Part Number Key – Purifier Panel Section

Metal Parts Gas Code Left Purifier Right Purifier Options*
P2- B Brass/Copper N Non-Corrosive 0 None 0 None 1 Purifier Bypass CV**
  S Stainless Steel   1 Indicating Moisture 1 Indicating Moisture 2 1/8" Outlet
      2 Hydrocarbon 2 Hydrocarbon 3 Bottom Outlet
      3 Oxygen 3 Oxygen
4 Top Oxygen
      4 Indicating Oxygen 4 Indicating Oxygen  
* Standard outlet is 1/4" and located in front of panel
** Must be used with a Regulator Section with purifier bypass P1-XX1X1

Part Number Key – Outlet Panel Section

Metal Parts Gas Code Number of Outlets Options*
P3- B Brass/Copper S Same Gas 1 One 1 1/8" Outlet
  S Stainless Steel D Different Gases 2 Two 2 Bottom Outlet (3 max)
      3 Three 3 Top Outlet (3 max)
      4 Four
* Standard outlet is 1/4" and located in front of panel

Ordering Information
Three section unit with regulator panel detached from tube chaseThe LGP Series part numbering system allows you to specify lab gas panel sections to meet the needs of any application. To create a part number, use the codes listed in the Part Number Key columns for the appropriate panel section(s).

For example, to select a regulator panel section, stainless steel construction for non-corrosive gas service, one outlet with purifier bypass, 0-100 psig gauge and 1/4" front outlet, the part number would be P1-SN131.

To select a purifier panel section, stainless steel construction for non-corrosive gas service,one indicating moisture and one hydrocarbon purifier, bypass check valve and 1/8" front outlet, the part number would be P2-SN1212.To select an outlet valve panel section, stainless steel construction, three shut-off valves and 1/4" front outlets for the same gas, the part number would be P3-SS3.

Note: The part numbers are to be used in specifying the panel sections. A tube chase is required with the panel section(s) to complete the assembly. After the panel section selections are forwarded to your Advanced representative, a final part number and quotation will be provided to you.