Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

P Series
Point-of-Use, Gas Delivery Panels

P Series PanelThe P Series Panels are designed to provide a practical and economical means to control gas pressure and flow at the "point-of-use" in a process or laboratory application. The panels utilize the AGR3800 and AGR3810 Series ultra high purity regulators that feature a back entry inlet port and rear threaded mounting holes. The back port design allows for front panel mounting of the regulator while concealing the inlet piping behind the panel.

The panels are custom configured to meet the user's installation and operating requirements. They are available in one, two, three or four regulator configurations with adjustable pressure range, inlet and outlet connection options. Panels are labeled for each gas with the appropriate NFPA "hazard diamond", CAS registry number, UN and DOT classifications. The panels have a durable construction and finish with predrilled holes for convenient inlet piping installation.

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

Delivery Pressure Range

Delivery Pressure Gauge (dual scale):
  30 psig range: 0–60 psig/0–4 bar
  100 psig range: 0–200 psig/0–14 bar
  300 psig range: 0–400 psig/0–27 bar
  500 psig range: 0–600 psig/0–41 bar

Gauge Size: 2" Dial

Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F

Flow Coefficient:
  Regulator: Cv = 0.06
  Diaphragm Valve: Cv = 0.17
  Needle Valve: Cv = 0.4
  Toggle Valve: Cv = 0.36

Regulator Filter: 40 micron

Inlet and Outlet Connections

  Color: Light Gray
  Paint: Polyurethane Enamel
  Finish: Light Textured

Approximate Weight:
   1-reg. panel: 6 lbs.
   2-reg. panel: 12 lbs.
   3-reg. panel: 18 lbs.
   4-reg. panel: 24 lbs.

Dimensions (in.):
   1-reg. panel: 12 x 6 x 4
   2-reg. panel: 12 x 12 x 4
   3-reg. panel: 12 x 18 x 4
   4-reg. panel: 12 x 24 x 4

Materials of Construction
  Body: Brass or Type 316 SS Bar Stock
  Gauges: Brass or Type 316 Stn.Stl.
  Bonnet: Brass or 300 Series Stn.Stl.
  Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas:
     Brass or Type 316 Stn.Stl.
  Seat: PCTFE
  Diaphragm: Type 316 Stainless Steel
  Seals: PTFE
  Panel: 14-Gauge Steel

Optional Equipment
Equipment Part No.
Relief Valves:  
Brass (each) RV5572i-(psig)
Stn.Stl. (each) RV5574i-(psig)

Part Number Key
Model Metal Parts No. of
Pressure Range
Each (left to right)
P- B Brass 1 One A 30 psig (2 bar) 0 1/4" NPTF Port 0 1/4" NPTF Port 0 None 3 3 o'clock
  S 316 SS 2 Two B 100 psig (7 bar) 1 1/4" Compression 1 1/4" Compression 1Diaphragm 6 6 o'clock
    3 Three C 300 psig (20 bar) 21/8" Compression 21/8" Compression 2 Needle 9 9 o'clock
    4 Four D 500 psig (34 bar) 3 SS Flexible Hose
(30" x 1/4" NPTF)
  3 Toggle  
Note: When ordering, specify labeling of gas panel (left to right). For example, helium-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-argon.

Ordering Information
The P Series part numbering system allows you to design a point-of-use panel to meet the needs of any application. To create a part number, use the codes listed in each column of the Part Number Key. For example, to order a 4-regulator panel, brass regulators (two with 30 psig, two with 100 psig delivery), 1/4" compression inlet and outlets with diaphragm valves located at 6:00 port location, the part number would be P-B4AABB1116. Order by complete part number.