Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

SR Series
Modular, Single Row, High Purity Manifolds

Manifolds are used to connect two or more cylinders together for greater on-line storage capacity or higher flow rates. These single-row, wall-mounted manifolds are available in either Brass or Type 316 Stainless Steel construction and are provided with diaphragm seal station valves, 3-ft. pigtails (stainless steel CGA connections with flexible pigtail option) and wall mounting brackets as standard components.

The SR Series is designed for "right side" cylinder orientation, where the gas flows from right to left through the manifold header."Left side" set-up is available upon request. The SR Series manifolds are manufactured to meet the requirements of the ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code. The brass manifolds are constructed of 7/8 inch OD 0.200 wall CDA-330 brass seamless tubing, npt threaded and silver braze assembled. The stainless steel manifolds are fabricated with 5/8 inch OD, 0.065 wall, Type 316L stainless steel tubing and socket TIG weld assembled. ASGE's enhanced manifold header design exceeds industry standards by providing a 4 to 1 - burst to maximum operating pressure safety factor.

Warning: Manifolds are designed to distribute a single gas from two or more cylinders. Never mix gases in a manifold. Injury to personnel or damage to equipment may result.

Standard Features
  • Modular Construction allows field installation of additional stations without welding or soldering.
  • Diffusion Resistant, Diaphragm Seal Station Valves ensure that gas purity is maintained and allow cylinder removal from a manifold without interrupting gas flow.
Optional Features
  • Master Shut-off Valve allows manifold to be isolated from downstream system.
  • Double-Braided (All Metal) 3' Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pigtails with Stainless Steel CGA connections extend service life and provide ease of connecting cylinders.
  • Check Valves prevent discharge of gas from manifold and pigtails when changing cylinders (required for flammable gases).
  • Pressure Switches monitor line pressure and can activate an external alarm when a certain predetermined pressure is reached.

Top View High Purity Manifold

Front View High Purity Manifold

  Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

   Flow Coefficient (each station valve):
    Brass Manifolds: Cv = 0.25
     Stn. Stl. Manifolds: Cv = 0.30

  Inlet Connections:
    CGA connection as specified

  Outlet Connection: CGA connection
    as specified, suitable for direct mounting
    of a pressure regulator

  Optional Pressure Switch
   Optional Master Shut-off Valve:
    SG5475 Series

Ordering Information

To order a single row manifold, complete the part number using the "Part Number Key". For example, to order a 5 cylinder, stainless steel, single row manifold, with rigid pigtails, check valves, and with CGA 580 connections, the part number would be SRS-4-5-580. Order by complete part number.

Manifolds for Acetylene Service require flashback arrestors (SG6545). All manifolds ordered with CGA 510 will be shipped with flashback arrestors installed on each pigtail, unless the order specifies with which gas it will be used.

Warning: Advanced does not recommend the use of stainless steel manifolds for Oxygen service and will not provide such manifolds with CGA540 connections.

Materials of Construction
  Metal Parts: Brass or Type 316
    Stainless Steel as specified
  Seals: PTFE
    Check Valves:
       Brass Rigid Pigtails: EPDM
       Stn. Stl. Flexible and Rigid Pigtails:
    Station Valves: PCTFE
  Optional Pressure Switch
   Optional Master Shut-off Valve:
     SG5475 Series

Optional Equipment and Replacement Parts

Equipment and Replacement Parts Part No.
Master Shut-off Valve – Installed  
  Brass Not Available
  Stainless Steel
Pressure Switches  
Flashback Arrestor - (Required for Acetylene Service–one per cylinder) SG6545
PTFE O-Ring Kits (package of 25 ea.)
  For connection between pigtail and
   station valve
  For header connection on
     Brass Manifolds
    Stainless Steel Manifolds SG6082S
Replacement Pigtails, Rigid Type  
  Brass without Check Valves SG6640-(CGA)
  Brass with Check Valves SG6641-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel without Check Valves SG6642-(CGA)
  Stainless Steel with Check Valves SG6643-(CGA)
Replacement Pigtails, Flexible Type  
  Without Check Valves SG6638-(CGA)
  With Check Valves SG6639-(CGA)
Replacement Station Valves  
  Brass 0202-5083A
Stainless Steel Not Available
Repair Kit for Station Valves  
  For Brass Valves 0202-3079A
  For Stainless Steel Valves 0202-3076A
Additional Stations--For adding stations to the following
existing manifolds
  Brass System with Rigid Pigtails
     without Check Valves
  Brass System with Rigid Pigtails with
     Check Valves
  Brass System with Flexible Pigtails
     without Check Valves
  Brass System with Flexible Pigtails
     with Check Valves
  Stn. Stl. System with Rigid Pigtails
     without Check Valves
  Stn. Stl. System with Rigid Pigtails
     with Check Valves
  Stn. Stl. System with Flexible Pigtails
     without Check
  Stn. Stl. System with Flexible Pigtails
     with Check Valves
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert proper Compressed Gas Association connection number to complete the part number. Example: SG6667-580. Order by complete part number.

Part Number Key for SR Series Manifolds