Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

LMW Series
Manual Changeover Systems

LMW Series with Optional Filter

The LMW Series Manual Changeover is an economical ultra high-purity gas delivery system for installations not requiring automatic changeover operation. The LMW Series system is designed with a two-stage brass bar stock regulator for two cylinder banks that can be manually switched from an in-service to a reserve cylinder. When the in-service cylinder is exhausted, it can be shut off and the reserve cylinder can be manually opened to replenish the supply. Isolation and vent valves allow the empty cylinder to be replaced and purged without any interruption of gas supply to the process.

Standard Features
  • Diaphragm Seal Isolation and Purge Valves allow cylinder replacement without interrupting gas flow.
  • Ultra High Purity, Diffusion Resistant Design assures maximum diffusion resistance, maintaining gas purity.
  • Double-Braided (all metal) Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses maintain gas purity and provide ease of connecting cylinders.
  • Check Valves (built into CGA connection) prevent discharge of gas from pigtail during cylinder change-out.
Optional Features
  • Outlet Filter traps foreign matter protecting downstream components from contamination and reduces maintenance.
  • Relief Valve protects regulator components from the effects of over-pressurization.

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000 psig

Operating Temp. Range: -40°F to 140°F

  Inlet Pressure Gauge (dual scale):
    0–4000 psig / 0–275 bar

  Delivery Pressure Range

  Delivery Pressure Gauge

  Filter: 40 micron

  Gauge Size: 2" Dial

  Flow Coefficient: Cv = 0.05

  Outlet Connection:
     1/4" NPT female (on outlet valve)

  Inlet Connection: CGA connection as specified

  Valves: SG5460N Series

  Flexible Hose (all metal):
     30" long, 0.285" nominal ID,
     0.445" nominal OD

Inlet Connections: CGA connection
   (as specified) with check valve

Plugged Access Port: 1/4" NPT female
  (on manifold block)

Materials of Construction
Regulator, Block and Valves: Brass Bar Stock
Gauges and CGA Fittings: Brass
Diaphragms: Type 316 Stainless Steel
Regulator Filter: Bronze
Bracket: 12-Gauge Hot Rolled Steel with Powder Coat   Epoxy Finish
Flexible Hose (all metal): Type 316L SS
  inner core with Type 321 SS
  double overbraid and Type 316 SS welded end fittings
  Check Valves: EPDM
   Regulator and Valves: PCTFE

Optional Equipment
Equipment Part No.
Relief Valves (installed)  
  for LMW-B-30 RV5572-45i
  for LMW-B-75
  for LMW-B-150 RV5572-175i
Outlet Filter (installed) SG6113i

Table I

  Delivery Pressure
Part No
Gauge(dual scale)
(psig) (bar)
LMW-B-30-(CGA) 2–30 -30" Hg–0–60 -1–0–4
LMW-B-75-(CGA) 4–75 -30" Hg–0–100 -1–0–7
LMW-B-150-(CGA) 10–150 -30" Hg–0–200 -1–0–14
Where "(CGA)" is indicated above, insert appropriate Compressed Gas Association connection number to
complete the part number. Example: LMW-B-30-580. Order by complete part number.