Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Models SG5340, SG5350
Ultra-Fine, Low Flow, Metering ValvesValves Ultra-Fine Metering Valve

Designed for extremely low flow gas and liquid applications, these valves provide smooth, nonpulsing flow control which is always proportional and absolutely constant at any given setting. They are particularly suited to the most precise control requirements of gas chromatography.

Six different needle tapers offer a wide choice of flow ranges. Fifteen revolutions of the adjusting handle (“fully opened” to “fully closed”) provide excellent resolution. The valves will shut off bubble-tight and cannot be damaged by overtightening.

Two Models are available. Model SG5340 has a nickel-plated brass body for non-corrosive service, and Model SG5350 has a Type 316 Stainless Steel body for corrosive applications. These valves are provided standard with mounting nuts for panel mounting applications.

Maximum Operating Pressure:
  SG5340: 600 psig at 70°F
  SG5350: 1000 psig at 70°F

Maximum Operating Temperature:
  SG5340: 180°F
   SG5350: 250°F

Flow Coefficient:

Inlet & Outlet Connections: 1/8" NPT female

Approximate Weight: 5 oz

Materials of Construction
Internal Parts Exposed to Gas:
  SG5340: Brass, Delrin® and Stn. Stl.
  SG5350: Type 316 Stn. Stl. and Vespel®
Seals: Viton®

Table I, Metering Valves

Body Material Part No.
Nickel-Plated Brass SG5340-( )
Type 316 Stn. Stl. SG5350-( )
Where “( )” is indicated above, insert the applicable needle taper number from
Table II to complete the part number. Example: SG5350-2. Order by complete part number.

Table II, Flow Capacity

Taper No.
Flow Coefficient (Cv) Flow Capacity (sccm)*
Helium Air Water
1 0.00029 300 150 4
2 0.00066 700 350 10
3 0.0013 1,400 600 20
4 0.0057 6,000 2,400 80
5 0.017 18,000 6,800 200
6 0.052 55,000 27,000 650
* Measured with 10 psig inlet pressure and atmospheric outlet pressure.