Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

SG3090 Series
Equipment for Fruit Ripening Gases

SG091 RegulatorEthylene, and ethylene containing mixtures (such as Banana Gas) are specialty gases which are commonly used to initiate the de-greening or ripening of fruits and vegetables. Typically this process is conducted in "controlled atmosphere" ripening rooms where the temperature and humidity is controlled. The pressure and flowrate of the ripening gas must also be properly controlled for the process to be both safe and effective.

Advanced has developed special equipment for this application. The Model SG3091 is a regulator/flowmeter combination designed to mount directly to a ripening gas cylinder.This can be used for either stationary, single-room applications, or as a portable ripening package by mounting the cylinder on a suitable cylinder cart. It provides for flowrates between 100 and 950 standard cubic centimeters/minute. Conversely, the ModelSG3902 regulator is designed to be used in conjunction with our flowmeter control panels(SG3093 – SG3096) for stationary, multiple-room applications. This combination allows control of the ripening gas feed to between 2–5 ripening rooms simultaneously – using just a single ripening gas cylinder.

Dependent on the specific fruit or vegetable, ripening or de-greening is achieved by maintaining specific Ethylene and Carbon Dioxide concentrations within the ripening room(along with specific temperature, humidity and time controls). The Ethylene and Carbon Dioxide levels can be inexpensively monitored using our optional Gastec Gas Detector in conjunction with the appropriate Gas Detector Tubes.

Standard FeaturesSG3094 Three-Room Control Panel and SG3092 Regulator
  • Two-Stage Regulator Design ensures constant delivery pressure
    (to flowmeter)over varying inlet pressures.
  • Filter in Each Regulator Seat Assembly traps foreign matter, extends regulator life and reduces maintenance.
  • Ribbed Flowmeter Tubes stabilize float and improve accuracy and readability.
  • Flowmeter Valve Design allows metering control and bubbletight shutoff.
  • Unique Stationary Control Panel Design allows additional flowmeter stations (up to a maximum of five) to be added to meet future requirements.
Optional Features
  • Gastec Gas Detector and Detector Tubes allow periodic monitoring of ethylene and carbon dioxide levels within the ripening room(s).
  • Flowmeter Station Kit provides the necessary equipment for adding a flowmeter station to a control panel.
  • Optional Flowmeters can be substituted to custom fit a flow requirement.

   Maximum Inlet Pressure

   Inlet Pressure Gauge

   Delivery Pressure Range: 3–15 psig

   Delivery Pressure Gauge: 0–30 psig
    red-lined above 15 psig

   Gauge Size: 2" Dial

   Operating Temperature Range:
     SG3091: 32°F to 165°F
     SG3092: -40°F to 165°F

   Flow Coefficient: Cv = 0.02

   Inlet Connection

   Outlet Connection: 1⁄4" compression

  Supply Pressure Effect:  0.05 psi per 100 psi

   Approximate Weight:
     Model SG3091: 6 lbs
     Model SG3092: 5 lbs

  Maximum Operating Pressure and
    Temperature: 200 psig at 250°F

  Minimum Operating Temperature: 32°F

  Accuracy: ±10% of full scale from
     10% to 100% of range

  Repeatability: Within 0.5% of full scale

  Tube Graduations: Standard cubic centimeters per     minute of Air(optional flowmeter tubes may be     graduated in standard liters per minute of air     depending on range)

  Scale Length: 65 millimeters

  Flow Range: 100–950 sccm
    (0.21–2.0 scfh) other ranges are available

  Stationary Control Panels:
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 35 psig

  Operating Temperature Range: +32°F to 165°F

  Relief Valve (self re-seating): 50 psig

  Inlet and Outlet Connections: 1/4" compression

  Approximate Weight: 5 lbs

Materials of Construction
  Body: Brass Forging
  Gauges: Brass
  Other Metal Parts Exposed to Gas: Brass and     Stainless Steel
  Seats and Seals: PTFE
  Diaphragms: Neoprene

  Tube: Borosilicate Glass with float stops of PTFE
  Floats: Type 316 Stainless Steel or Glass
  End Blocks, Inlet/Outlet Adaptor
    and Side Plates: Aluminum
  Back Plate: White Plastic
   Front Plate: Clear Plastic
   Seals and Packing: Viton®
  Valve: Type 316 Stainless Steel

Stationary Control Panels:
  Compression Fittings: Brass
  Tubing: Polyethylene
  Panel: Painted Drawn Steel
  Relief Valve: Brass and Stainless Steel
  Relief Valve Seals: Buna-N

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Flowmeter Station Kit – Parts required for adding a flowmeter station to a stationary control panel SG3097
Flowmeters with the following flowrates Air @70°F and 14.7 psia) can be substituted in place of the standard 100–950 sccm range flowmeter:  
  8.0–50 sccm (0.017–0.10 scfh) FM4350-0
  5.0–85 sccm (0.011–0.18 scfh) FM4350-1
  40–440 sccm (0.085–0.93 scfh) FM4350-2
  0.2–1.8 slpm (0.42–3.8 scfh) FM4350-4
  0.4–3.6 slpm (0.85–7.6 scfh) FM4350-5
  0.5–7 slpm (1.1–14.8 scfh) FM4350-6
  1.0–13 slpm (2.1–27.5 scfh) FM4350-7
  6.0–24 slpm (12.7–50 scfh) FM4350-8
  4.0–44 slpm (8.5–93 scfh) FM4350-9
Gastec Gas Detector SG4010
Ethylene Gas Detector Tubes (25–800 ppm measurable range)for use with SG4010 Gas Detector – Box of 10 Tubes
Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector Tubes (0.13 – 6% measurable range)for use with SG4010 Gas Detector – Box of 10 Tubes
Cylinder Wall Brackets and Stands  
Cylinder Carts  

Table I, Cylinder Regulators

Part No. Configuration Inlet
Pressure (psig)
Max. Gauge Delivery Range
SG3091-320 Banana Gas Cylinder Regulator with Flowmeter for use with portable packages 1000 1000 100–950
sccm (Air)
SG3091-350 Ethylene Gas Cylinder Regulator with Flowmeter for use with portable packages 2000 2000 100–950
sccm (Air)
SG3092-320 Banana Gas Cylinder Regulator for use with stationary control panels 1000 1000 3–15 psig
SG3092-350 Ethylene Gas Cylinder Regulator for use with stationary control panels 2000 2000 3–15 psig

Table II, Stationary Control Panels

Part No. Description
SG3093 Two-Room Control Panel
SG3094 Three-Room Control Panel
SG3095 Four-Room Control Panel
SG3096 Five-Room Control Panel