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New Gas Cylinder Safety and Storage Brochure

February 12, 2009 – Middlesex, NJ - Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment (ASGE) announces the release of its new “Gas Cylinder Safety Equipment” brochure featuring products that enhance gas cylinder safety with the storage, handling and use of compressed gases. Significant products include gas cylinder storage cabinets, cylinder racks, fire barriers, excess flow valves, flash arrestors, purge assemblies, cylinder wall mount brackets and regulator mounting brackets. 

A comprehensive line of gas cylinder safety products with full descriptions and high quality images are featured in this new four-color trifold brochure. Free copies can be obtained by calling 888-999-2743 or download the PDF here.

“This brochure informs users in various industries how to reduce potential gas cylinder safety incidents and provides best practice solutions when using compressed gases in cylinders,” says Glenn Haun, General Manager of ASGE.  “All of this safety equipment can be used with gas cylinders found in the automotive, chemical, construction, environmental, food preparation, energy, health care, laboratory, medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor markets.”

About Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment
ASGE supplies a comprehensive line of gas handling equipment and UOP molecular sieves.  Our large inventory includes thousands of regulators, manifolds, flowmeters, valves, adsorbents and accessories allowing us to ship 95% of our orders ON THE SAME DAY we receive the order. In addition to a vast inventory of standard products, ASGE has extensive custom design and manufacturing capabilities to meet special application requirements. The company provides simple, one stop shopping for its customers. For your free catalog or more information call 1-888-999-2743 or visit us on the web at

Gas Cylinder Safty Storage Equipment
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