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Gas Safety Issue:

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Gas line rupture can cause serious workplace hazards! Gas users and distributors must be aware of the dangers associated with compressed gases including the potential for asphyxiation, flammability, toxicity, and high-pressure hazards.

Excess flow conditions and even line rupture can occur due to over pressurization, regulator failure, mechanical stress, and corrosion. Gas lines carrying flammable gases such as hydrogen and acetylene or corrosive gases such as chlorine or ammonia should be equipped to insure against personal injury and/or damage to equipment.

ASGE Safety Solutions:

Excess Flow Shut-off The new FS Series Excess Flow Shut-off Valves are designed to automatically shut off the delivery of gas if the flow exceeds the preset limit. These stainless steel, diffusion resistant valves have an operating range of 10 to 3500 psi, allowing them to be used with corrosive or non-corrosive gases in low or high-pressure applications. They can be installed after the CGA fitting and prior to the regulator inlet or directly in gas process lines.

The two-position valve allows unrestricted gas flow unless the gas flow exceeds the preset valve (flow limit). Under excess flow conditions, the valve quickly shuts to stop gas passage. The excess flow valve remains shut until the down stream system is repaired and the valve is reset.

Protect workers and equipment by preventing gas related accidents at the source - by installing excess flow valves in your gas delivery system.

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