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Improper gas cylinder storage and usage can cause serious workplace hazards! Gas users and distributors must be aware of the dangers associated with compressed gases including the potential for asphyxiation, flammability, toxicity, and high-pressure hazards.

Accidents due to improper handling, tampering, regulator failure, mechanical stress, and corrosion can occur in laboratory and industrial facilities. Compressed gas cylinders and gas delivery equipment must be properly secured to minimize personnel injury and potential leaks.

Safe cylinder gas storage is also addressed in Federal and Local OSHA, Building and Fire codes. Using the proper storage equipment is a key to minimizing liability associated with these compliance requirements.

ASGE Safety Solutions:

PR Series Cylinder Process Racks The new PR Series Cylinder Process Racks are designed to provide a safe and cost effective means to isolate gas cylinders from the surrounding work place. The racks, which can safely store 2-6 standard size gas cylinders, are constructed of 11 gauge steel. l.

Additional safety features include adjustable polypropylene cylinder straps to secure a wide range of cylinders. The racks are supplied with predrilled holes for mounting to a floor. The optional process panel enables the mounting of gas delivery systems and components.

Protect workers and equipment by preventing gas cylinder related accidents at the source - by installing stationary cylinder process racks.

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