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Worker protection is critical when replacing a cylinder of hazardous gas. Improper purging and venting of corrosive and/or toxic gases can cause serious workplace exposure hazards! Gas users must understand and be aware of the dangers associated with disconnecting pressure regulators from hazardous compressed gas cylinders.

Hazardous gases such as ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride can cause injury or death if inhaled, absorbed through the skin or swallowed. Corrosive gases chemically attack and irreversibly damage human tissues such as eyes or mucous membranes.

Workplace exposure limits and health hazard requirements are addressed under NIOSH regulations and OSHA Hazardous Communication Standards.

ASGE Safety Solutions:

Purge Assemblies SG3890 Series Purge Assemblies are designed for use between a gas cylinder and a pressure regulator to remove residual corrosive or toxic gases prior to cylinder change-out. They reduce the potential for operator exposure by providing a means of diluting and venting residual gas to a safe disposal site.

Purge assemblies also extend regulator and system lifetimes by preventing the formation of corrosive acids which are created when air and moisture react with corrosive gases.

Advanced offers purge assemblies in two basic configurations, tee type and cross type. Tee type assemblies provide a means to introduce a purge gas to flush the system. The cross type configuration additionally features inlet isolation and vent valves to provide a more efficient means of purging and venting toxic or corrosive gases.

Protect workers and equipment by preventing gas related accidents at the source - by installing SG3890 Series Purge Assemblies in your gas delivery system.

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