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Improper gas cylinder storage can cause serious workplace hazards! Users and facilities storing gas cylinders must be aware of the dangers associated with compressed gases including the potential for asphyxiation, flammability, toxicity, and explosion.

Safe cylinder storage is addressed in NFPA 55, “Standard for the Storage, Use, and Handling of Compressed and Liquefied Gases in Portable Cylinders.” The use of proper fire-resistant barriers and storage protection equipment are vital components in meeting many of the hazard compliance requirements listed in the code.

ASGE Safety Solutions:

Cylinder Storage - Fire Walls & Storage RacksFRB Series Fire Resistant Barrier Partitions meet and exceed NFPA and CGA requirements for cylinder fire separation partitions. SSR Series Stationary Storage Racks are recommended for securing cylinders especially where they may be exposed to vehicular traffic or material handling equipment.

The partitions are constructed of four layers of fire stop rated gypsum board. They are surrounded by a continuous 3/16 inch thick "C" channel containing predrilled mounting holes. This allows the partitions to be mounted to exterior walls and floors. Each partition is fully welded and powder painted for exceptional durability.

The stationary cylinder storage racks are made with 2 inch square steel heavy gauge tubes welded and sealed with powder coated epoxy. Two levels of welded steel chains with bit snaps make cylinder racking easy and convenient.

Protect workers and facilities from improper gas cylinder storage – by installing fire walls and stationary cylinder process racks where required.

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